Thursday, July 1, 2010

9 weeks and 2 more stitches bite the dust...

Ok, so scratch that note about being done spitting stitches... I lost 2 more last week. I think (hope) I am really done now. I look at all the other scars at PT and most of them are these nice fine white lines along every ones legs. Not me. I have somehow inherited the Frankenstein gene. Maybe it is the stitch spitting, maybe not, but it looks pretty gross to me. I guess it's a good thing vanity has never been one of my issues! : )

This summer schedule is really wearing me out. It is really hard to be full time at home mom while trying to recover. I need to figure out how to better schedule things so that I can do more with PT. I love spending the time with Little I, but it is really hard to take care of me. Not because of her. She has been such a trouper! She is 6 and wants to play and I have a really hard time putting my PT first. I sometimes get so frustrated that I can't do what I want. It has been 9 weeks since surgery and I'm still slave to this injury and it makes me grouchy. Not good for any of us. Looks like more camps and play dates are going to be in order for the rest of the summer or we may all loose our minds!

On the TKD front, I am still waiting. I don't know when I'll be able to join class again. I have been going to some of the open classes and "walking" through Big K's form with him and Little I's form with her. I am being very careful not to twist, pivot, or turn on the injured leg which makes for a very interesting looking form, but has been good for the family. I really enjoy helping them and would like to join leadership when I get back into class. I was starting the process right before the injury. Another thing that is on hold. I can do the front and middle stances with basic hand techniques and walk through the kicks. It has helped me feel a little more connected to the studio, but it is still hard to watch everyone else learning their new material and know that I still have months to go before I get to do them. The annual campground/outdoor testing is coming up and I will again watch everyone else get their new belts while I wait. If all had gone well up to this point, I would have been testing for my blue belt. It is what it is. I am trying to continue to learn by watching class and hope that when I am able to get out there on the floor again I will remember all of the things that I have learned from having this observation time.

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  1. Just like we talked about tonight...when we get back into the swing of things and have our next testings we will appreciate it so much more than we did before! It's hard to believe that we are already into July. Winter will be here before we know it and modified cardio (can't really call it butt cardio anymore since we are standing up more!) will be a thing of the past. Keep plugging away. You are doing awesome.