Tuesday, June 15, 2010

7 weeks

Sometimes I feel like I'm doing alright and other times I wonder if my knee will ever feel like it did before the injury. I am getting to the point where it feels pretty good, but not normal and I have weak spots with certain movements. My scar looks like Frankenstein, but on the bright side, I think I am finally done spitting stitches!! Nine in all. Four on the side, and five on the front. It is much easier and less painful to massage the scar now that they are gone.

I'm entering into the prime re injury time (8-12 weeks). I can see how people re injure easily at this point in the recovery process. The new tendon is getting to the weakest point in the recovery, but things are feeling better. A prime combination for disaster. I really want to start TKD again, but know that it will be a long time before I can really participate. For now, it's watching and "walking" through things mostly in my mind and some basic hand techniques that don't require any twisting, turning, or pivoting. It doesn't leave much, but I'm not up for taking any chances.

I had to move into the transition program at PT since our insurance only covers 20 visits for the year. Stinks, but luckily I'm doing ok and think it will work out ok. I got the ok to ride the bike very carefully around the neighborhood, but no really big hills or rough terrain yet. There is no way I want to go through this again, so easy does it. I can't wait to go out for a ride!


  1. Definitely playing it smart in rehab mode....there will be a better reward in the end. I promise!!!! Are you on a maintenance rehab at PT? I found that to be very helpful because you still have guidance to continue increasing the rehab results : ) Keep Going!!!!

  2. Insurance can be frustrating. My insurance only paid for 60 consecutive days per injury. I started PT the week before surgery. After 8 weeks, my PT set up a schedule for the next few months.

    Enjoy your bike ride!