Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 weeks post op

It is hard to believe that I am 2 weeks post op today! Stitches came out yesterday which was so nice and a very welcome step for me in this process. Getting them out means that I can start bearing more weight. Now we can start getting off of the crutches and drive. Darn right leg!

The stitches didn't want to come out. I had felt them pinching for a couple days and came to find out that they were starting to scar on to my knee. With a few yanks, they finally came out feeling like an extended bee sting. Not exactly comfortable, but what is with this process?! The surgeon was happy with my quad, extension, and flexion. He said I could start working my way off the crutches over the next 1-3 weeks with the guidance of PT. Working on the quad and continuing with the PT, I should be walking into my next appointment in 3 weeks on my own. I am hoping to be on the shorter end of the off crutches/driving spectrum because it really stinks being stuck at home. I hate having to ask for help and rides. Again, I find myself so thankful for such good people in our lives.

PT today was feeling pretty good until S decided to torture me at the end! Heal slides are never my favorite, but they are getting less miserable. I flexed to 120 with a little help and was at about 115 on my own. Mini squats went well and I was able to do most of them without holding on to the table. It feels strange to stand on both legs again. It is going to take a little getting used to, but I will gladly try it!! Leg press single leg at 30 lbs., and both legs 80 lbs., bouncing the ball on the trampoline with both legs planted. Moving along! Time for the aerodyne. It felt like that thing had cranks that were about a mile long. As a competitive cyclist, I had totally taken for granted the "simple" movement of peddling a bike. No resistance to worry about, no hills, roots, or rocks. Just the pedal stroke itself ground me to a halt in the first few minutes. After about 10 minutes of the back and forth, I finally made a complete revolution! Woohoo! then came the "one more last little bit of torture before we stim". Torture it was. Being on my belly with my foot reaching toward my behind was torture! The left leg easily reached its goal, but the right leg was a whole different story. By 90 degrees I was not happy. Somewhere shortly after that I was really hurting, and just a smidgen more and it was torture. Lucky me, I get to go back tomorrow for more. : /

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  1. I was not allowed to drive for 6 weeks. The surgeon wanted my brace locked out straight for 6 weeks. Since it was my right driving.

    It sounds like you are doing great!