Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wonder Twin Powers Activate

It is kind of strange having a friend going through the same surgery a week after me. Ms. C had her surgery on Thursday, which was 8 days after mine. As I was going into PT on Friday morning, there she was going through her first post op PT torture session and it was almost surreal for me. It felt so close to home yet so far away at the same time. In a way it was hard to reconcile that it was just one short week ago that it was my torture session. What a change a week can make!

We have been dubbed the Wonder Twins and I have to say that it is both funny and encouraging to have a "twin". While I would never wish this ordeal on anyone, I am excited for the fact that I will have someone to work with on this long road ahead. Hopefully our Wonder Twin Powers can activate us back into two pain free, happy wives, mothers, and active martial artists soon!

I have been thinking a lot about how this injury throws the tenants of martial arts right in my face. It requires all of the key concepts. Positive attitude, perseverance, determination, confidence... The list goes on and on. All required in recovery, martial arts, and I think if you are doing things right, life. I would like to respectfully ask for a gentler reminder of those ideas next time! : )

My new short term goals:
1. Get stitches out on Tuesday (yeah!!)
2. Get off of crutches
3. Drive

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  1. Same feelings here...wish we weren't in the same boat, but since we are both here I'm happy to have a good companion with me on this journey! I'm looking forward to us both being able to get back to cardio and doing our modified stuff together...push each other. I'm so sick of this couch!!