Sunday, May 16, 2010

baby steps

What a strange turn of events this is for me. I am getting ready to move the bike and trainer up stairs to the living room. For years I have ridden and even raced on the road and off road. I always hated the trainer. It was boring. Now, I can't wait to get it set up. It has become strangely exciting and welcome. Something that is a link to my "normal" life before this injury. The fact that I may not be able to complete a full pedal stroke until the end of my 15 minute "ride" is ok. A challenge that I will overcome, like that first ride of the season. The one where I always wonder why I let myself get that "out of shape" over the winter. I hope for the same transformation as the spring progresses this year. A noticeable gain in fitness and ability. A series of baby steps back to my "normal".

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