Thursday, May 6, 2010

PT begins...again

My dad came in to town to help with Little I and me. Big K is happy to have the help I'm sure. He's back to work and I'm sure feels like he just had a baby and I'm not there to help out after a weekend of fetching food, meds, ice etc. at all hours day and night. Dependent on the crutches I feel so helpless. Everything is still so hard and my dad understands that. He had a total knee in November.

Little I is super excited to see Pappap and off to school she goes. Together dad and I head to PT. Extension is good and flexion is now 78 degrees. Progress! The work is hard and in baby steps, but I'm moving forward. Things are getting better very slowly.

The picture is a few days post op. I had a tough time with swelling as you can see from the beautiful markings from the ice machine pad.

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