Saturday, May 15, 2010

why now?

Little I came home from school on Thursday telling me that one of the kids in her class threw up in the lunch room. Oh joy. So when she wakes up Friday morning complaining of her tummy hurting I'm dreading the possibility of some sort of stomach bug finding it's way into our house. Do I send her to school? Keep her home? Big K has a business meeting that he can't get out of and I still can't drive, so we decide to keep her home. After a few hours, she is feeling great, and I'm wondering why I'm not. I love spending time with Little I, but 2 weeks post op with an angry tummy doesn't make for a very happy day. What a trooper she is though. Getting me water and really anything else I need. She asks me "are you going to cry?" and I seriously ponder the question, but tell her a cheery "I don't think so". After a long night, I think I'm breaking through. I hope I'm breaking through! So far no throwing up, and I'm hoping it stays that way!

I feel like my progress on my knee was going well until this. I flexed to 122 degrees and was starting to do some leg press and unsupported mini squats. I was making lots of progress on the bike, actually making full pedal strokes, and I feel like being stuck in the bed is erasing all of that hard work. I'm trying to do as much as I can in the bed without encouraging other issues. I am so ready to feel normal again!!

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