Monday, May 17, 2010

bike ride!

I had my first bike ride yesterday!! Yes, it was on the trainer in the living room, but hey I'm not picky these days! It felt so good to move and do something that I used to do before the injury. The more I rode, the better it felt and the easier the motion became. Big I was worried about how quickly I was turning the pedals over after a few minutes but I felt really good. It was the first time I was really moving and without pain since this started. It is a day to celebrate!

I flexed to 130 degrees at PT today and got the ok to use one crutch! One step closer to getting off the crutches and then driving. Things seem to be getting a little easier. Pain is still always there, but not consuming me like it was in the beginning. The PT rubbed the IT band and scar area today and it really was no fun! The IT band area was ok, but the scar felt like someone was stabbing me with a flaming dagger. Pain now, gain later? I sure hope so!! I am gaining strength slowly but surely, but still showing the atrophy pretty bad. The goal is to develop strength while keeping swelling down. No small task, but I'm doing my best.

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